Our Facilities

Welcome to Tipperary Waters Marina where every aspect of your boating experience is catered for. Our marina facilities are designed to provide boaters and visitors alike with a seamless blend of convenience, comfort, and recreation. Whether you’re docking for the day, staying for the season, or simply dropping by to enjoy everything that Darwin has to offer, we have thought of it all.

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Marina office

Cyclone rated dockage and berthing

Power and fresh water

Laundromat, toilets and showers


Shops and restaurants

Car parking and rubbish facilities



Our lock coordinates are 12°26.948S, 130°51.086E.

With the unique Darwin waters subject to tidal ranges of up to 8 metres, Tipperary Waters Marina operates a lock facility to maintain our water levels and a tidal level of 4+ meters is required for lock movements. Our lock facility plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient access for boats entering and exiting the marina, particularly during significant tidal fluctuations.

Given the dynamic nature of the tidal conditions, boaters are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly, taking into account the timing of tidal cycles and the availability of our lock services. By staying informed, and exercising caution, boaters can navigate the unique experience posed by tidal ranges, making the most of their upcoming boating adventure in the pristine Darwin’s waters.


We offer a variety of berthing options to suit the needs of boats of all sizes. Our well-equipped Marina provides a safe and convenient home for your vessel, with premier and diverse berthing options, accessible facilities, personalised services, with breathtaking views.

We have a total of 45 Berths with maximum boat size of 22m (length), 6.1m (beam), 3.4m (draft) inclusive of:

21 x 12m Berths
18 x 15m Berths

4 x 18m Berths

2 x 20m Berths

Transient Berths

Perfect for those passing through or visiting our area for a short stay, our transient berths offer temporary docking solutions with easy access to marina amenities and local attractions.

Long Term Berths

For boaters seeking a more permanent berth solution, our long-term berths offer extended stays with the convenience of year-round access to the marina. With flexible lease options and dedicated mooring spaces, our long-term berths provide a home away from home for your vessel, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of marina living for an extended period.