Booking Enquiries

We want to ensure that the experience at Tipperary Waters Marina is convenient, enjoyable and hassle-free, for avid boaters wanting a taste of the Darwin lifestyle. To facilitate this, we require bookings to be made prior to your arrival by completing our online enquiry form below, or contact our marina office directly on 0407 750 123 or

We require a minimum 2 hour booking timeframe and we recommend booking in advance to allow us to accommodate your needs and ensure a seamless arrival and departure experience, so you can focus on enjoying your time on the water. Once we receive your request a follow up email will be provided with all required information and documents to be completed.


We look forward to welcoming you to Tipperary Waters Marina and your safe arrival is of importance to us. To ensure your arrival is effortless, once your booking is confirmed and on your approach to the Marina entrance, contact our team on VHF Channel 8 Call Sign “Tipperary Lockmaster” during our lock operating hours 6.00am to 9.00pm to book an opening and our dedicated lockmaster will direct you through the lock and to your Berth.

Given the dynamic nature of the tidal conditions, boaters are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly, taking into account the timing of tidal cycles and the availability of our lock services. By staying informed, and exercising caution, boaters can navigate the unique experience posed by tidal ranges, making the most of their upcoming boating adventure in the pristine Darwin’s waters.

Australian Arrivals

Before entering a Marina in Northern Territory waters it is a requirement to complete a NT Fisheries Aquatic Biosecurity Statutory Declaration. Please refer to below links for further information.

Interntional Arrivals

Before entering a Marina in Northern Territory waters it is a requirement to obtain quarantine and border force clearances. Please refer to below links for further information.

Booking Enquiry Form

Please make sure you are aware of the arrival information above, and useful links below before using this form


Knowing the exceptional facilities we provide at Tipperary Waters Marina, we are sure your stay would have been everything you expected and more.

To ensure your safe and timely departure please advise our lockmaster of your departure time in advance so that we can assist in facilitating your exit to your ongoing journey.